10-Tie-designer-andrewThe 10 Tie Co. is a break from the traditional world of men’s luxury neckties and accessories. It is the creative dream of designer Andrew David, whose vision of making the necktie more than just a formality in the workplace started in the humble beginnings of his small loft apartment in Downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. The 10 Tie Co. utilizes unique, high quality fabrics, not traditionally used to make neckties, and transforms them into fashionable pieces that make any gentlemen stand out from his contemporaries. Crafted by hand, from the initial cut to the final stitch, every necktie produced by The 10 Tie Co. is unique, original, and always handsome.

The Values

Coming from a modest, middle-class background, Andrew David decided one day that he would take his uniquely American style and transform it into a company that could be proud of its products, its creativity, and most importantly, its values. Holding dearly to the foundation of values he was raised upon, Andrew and The 10 Tie Co. hold integrity, freedom, creativity, love, and grace as its ever-guiding values.

The Dream

With a passion for art, design, and style, The 10 Tie Co. dreams of one day making the Necktie more than just an item in the description of business or formal attire. The Necktie has always been a staple of classic American style, and is the defining piece of a man’s appearance and style.

The People

The 10 Tie Co. prides itself on its versatility of designs. From young professionals interviewing for their first job to corporate executives, we strive to make Neckties and accessories that can be worn by anyone, in any setting. Whether it be a formal situation, or a night out on the town, a 10 Tie is always stylish and fashionable.