Autumn Is In The Air

As fall rolls around there seems to be freshness to the air.  It’s unlike any other season, especially in the Midwest.  The cool, crisp air in the morning is perfect for a morning run or round of golf.  The warm sunny afternoons with a light breeze never seem to last long enough as the sun sets earlier and earlier in the evening.  Fall is also the best for a couple other reasons as well (do I even have to mention Halloween!?). 

Fall is full of football Saturday’s and Sunday’s, going on a hunting weekend with the boys, and even the occasional late wedding (the best time for a wedding in my mind).  As far as fashion goes, autumn trumps any time of the year.  It’s comfortable enough to wear jeans and a T-shirt, or a sweater with some khaki shorts and boat shoes.  It allows you to be as versatile as you want to be!  My advice for this wonderful season is to try as many unorthodox combinations as you can.  Get a feel for mixing and matching items like a trench coat with jeans and sneakers, or go with some black slacks, a plaid dress shirt, basic colored tie (the oxford collection is perfect for this look), and finish it off with a hoodie or a track jacket.  It’s all about stepping out on a limb and going for it, who cares if people say something about it not being traditional, that just means you stand out and look good.

So go to your closet and take out a couple different pieces you don’t normally wear together, and mix them up.  People will notice, and that’s what fashion is all about; letting people see your creative side and letting your imagination show.  Best of luck 10 Tie Army, march to a different beat.

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